Ballistic Fit-Outs



Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Training Facilities


The importance of having a Close Quarters Battle (“CQB”) training facility only increases as modern militaries come to focus more on urban warfare and fighting in built-up areas. CQB training can be dangerous due to the close proximity of combat which increases the bullets’ tendency to ricochet. Good ballistic fit-outs are, therefore, very important for CQB trainings.
We design, fabricate and install simulations of closed environments (such as rooms or other enclosed spaces) for training purposes. Our CQB houses may also be fitted with our proprietary reconfigurable, multi-directional bullet-resistant partitioning systems which provide our customers with the ability to customise and reconfigure the training environments to suit any CQB training scenario.

Method-of-Entry Facilities

Our expertise extends to the design, fabrication and installation of method-of-entry ("MOE") training facilities, which simulate training scenarios where doors or windows in enclosed spaces have to be breached either by way of manual or mechanical or explosive methods. The manual or mechanical method of entry refers to the simulation of the breaching of doors or windows with the use of tools such as sledgehammers, shotguns and ramping or force such as kicking. The explosive method of entry refers to the simulation of the breaching of doors or windows by using light explosives. Our MOE training facilities are designed to closely replicate doors and windows made from different materials and designs, with a key focus on durability. The use of anti-ricochet materials in our MOE doors and windows allow them to withstand repeated breaching without suffering long term structural damage.