Corporate Profile


Our Group's business can be traced to October 1999 when our wholly-owned subsidiary, Starburst Engineering, was established. We specialise in the design and engineering of firearms-training facilities and the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of anti-ricochet ballistic protection systems for firearm shooting ranges and tactical training mock-ups for law enforcement, military and security agencies as well as civil authorities in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Headquartered in Singapore, Starburst has been contributing to the improvement of the capacities of the law enforcement, military and security agencies where we operate. Even with technological advances in modern military weaponry, we have a long track record in its niche business and a reputation for providing timely delivery of quality products that meet its customers' specifications.

We are committed to achieving high quality standards in all our projects and the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We strive to maintain our reputation for quality and safety of our home-grown products and commit to continually provide a safe environment for the law enforcement, military and security agencies to undergo modern firearms-training. In addition, we will ensure that the sub-contractors and suppliers that we appoint have the relevant experience, proven track record, provide good quality products or services, and are competitive in terms of their pricing.

Befittingly, Starburst takes pride in achieving the ISO9001: 2015 certification in the supply and installation of detention and security cells, bullet containment systems, anti-ricochet lining system, defence and military training facilities and related maintenance, and structural steel works. This has helped Starburst in maintaining our strong track record as a prominent engineering group specialising in the design and engineering of modern firearms-training facilities.

Starburst not only adopts and complies with international standards in terms of quality and safety, but also puts in place measures to ensure a safe working environment for our employees. Based on this platform, Starburst has expanded beyond our original markets in Southeast Asia and set foot in the Middle East and will continue to expand our business through acquisition and strategic partnerships.

Starburst envisions a world where security forces have a safer environment for modern-firearms training. To this end, Starburst is committed to improving the discipline embodied in its people, the quality of its products and services, and the safety that its modern firearms-training facilities provide to security forces anywhere.