Ballistic Fit-Outs


Firearm Shooting Ranges (Indoor & Outdoor) 

Firearms remain indispensable for all modern militaries and law enforcement organisations. Effective use of firearms requires good firearms training, which, in turn, requires a good firearm shooting range. We at Starburst are dedicated to providing you with a good firearm shooting range that is reliable, durable and safe.
We design, fabricate and install bullet containment and catcher systems at indoor & outdoor live firearm shooting ranges. Our products and services are both safe and conducive to meet or exceed all of your training needs.
We understand that modern firearms-training is complex and that you may have sophisticated demands. We have the knowledge in the design and delivery of effective anti-ricochet ballistic protection systems for the firearms-training facilities to your specifications and training requirements through our extensive experience in the field.
We don’t just engineer ranges; we can improve or upgrade your existing range with one of many suites of ballistic fit-outs solutions.