Security and Detention facilities



Occasionally, we may be involved in the design, fabrication and installation of ballistic protection and security systems for various facilities, including high security detention facilities.

Detention and Security Doors, Windows and Frame Systems

We provide doors, window panels and frames packaged and pre-assembled to your specifications.
We distribute steel-stiffened hollow metal doors and security windows. These products are utilised in detention facilities due to their high-impact, fire and bullet resistant properties. They can also be configured to our customers' specifications, such as adding security food-passes or ventilation louvers to doors and windows with one-way mirrored panels.


Conventional and Padded Detention Cell Surfacing Systems

We also provide services for the retrofitting of walls, floors and doors of detention cells with a surface padding system to create a safe, durable, and hygienic padded cell for self-destructive, violent and uncontrollable detainees. We also offer installation of our "Searls" Starboard detention cell flooring, which is designed to be durable, impact and fire resistant, anti-fungal and anti-microbial to enhance hygiene, ease of maintenance.


Electronic Security Systems Integration

We also provide integrated electronic security systems to monitor and control a customer's facility. We are able to supply a range of hardware and software solutions to, amongst others, monitor and control doors, locks, CCTV cameras and fire alarms, provide for video and audio intercommunication systems and event logging and reporting.