Tactical Training Mock-Ups


Tactical mock-ups are important for the simulation and high-risk operations such as rescue and evacuation operations, aviation, maritime and other counter terrorism operations and sniper operations. Much like close quarter battle training, most tactical mock-up trainings take place in confined quarters within aircrafts and ships. This increases the risks of unnecessary injury. But it is possible to minimise these risks without compromising on the realism of the training.
We design, fabricate and install tactical training mock-ups to suit each desired training scenario. Our mock-ups provide simulations which are as close to real scenarios as possible and thus we examine each element of the desired mock-up to ensure that details are replicated. Depending on our customers' requirements, we may install tactical training mock-ups for live-firearms-training or non-live-firearms-training.
We have previously installed mock-ups that took the form of full sized commercial aircrafts, ships and helicopters, including an Airbus A-340 aircraft mock-up for non-live-firearms-training and Boeing B-777 and Boeing B-747 aircraft mock-ups for live-firearms-training for our customers in the Middle East.
Our tactical training mock-ups may also include fire training simulations integrated with system controls to generate fires in specific scenarios. Additionally, we are able to customise our tactical training mock-ups for indoor and outdoor fire-fighting training as well as evacuation and rescue training in different scenarios where fire hazards may be involved.
We also design, fabricate and install sniper simulation towers (each a "SST") which have both internal and external anti-ricochet ballistic protection systems. SSTs are built for scenario-precision training for snipers from military and law enforcement organisations, as well as to train such snipers to identify types of targets and to select appropriate calibres and types of ammunition to neutralise those targets.